Monday, January 3, 2011

a few new items

What's your style? How do you define it? I am still trying to determine exactly what my style is. I know it when I see it, but I don't know exactly how to verbalize it. I want to say eclectic, but is that really fair? That's like saying my favorite type of music is 'alternative' or my favorite food is 'Asian.' It's descriptive of so many different genres and styles that it's perfect for my non-committal self. If I really had to hunker down, I would say eclectic with subcategories, i.e. Eclectic: whimsical, bohemian, fun with an air or minimalism. Does that even make sense? Anyhoo, here are a few of my whimsical, bohemian, fun minimalistic recent purchases, both from CB2.

Makoda Coffee Table:

Firefly Pendant Lamp (goes over the island in the kitchen):

If you're still unclear as to what your style is, get tips for pinning it down here.

I will post updated room pics soon!

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