Friday, February 12, 2010

insulation, doors and walls... oh my!

Whew! We have been busy.

As you can see... out with the old...

The old, broken front door.
and in with the new...

Dad working on the installation for the new, prettier and much more functional door.

You can kind of see the old back door here (though our soon to be ex screen porch)...

And nowa new back door without a kitty door and with a nice, new window.

As for the insulation, it is really interesting stuff.

We went with Insulfoam, a styrafoam-like insulation material. It is versatile, durable and eco friendly insulation product. There are no harmful chemicals in it, it is 100% recyclable, it will not support mold or mildew and has a very good capability to keep the weather outside (ie very energy efficient). It comes in approx. 8ft x 4ft sheets that are about 2 inches thick.

Bran cutting it to size

Trying it again with a different saw (remember the kitchen window from this post?).

I thought the table saw worked the best.

It is fairly easy to work with. Of course, you have to cut it to specific sizes depending on your studs, but it just pops in and you don't worry about messy fiberglass. We have fiberglass insulation in the attic, and let me tell you, it's no fun!

Also, WE HAVE WALLS! This is so exciting to see for us. It's the first huge improvement that you can actually see inside the house (as opposed to the roof, plumbing, electrical).



So, this is where we are! We are going to hire someone to help us plaster. We are gearing up to begin the kitchen cabinets... I'll post on the layout of the kitchen next week. I am in the process of picking paint colors, which is agonizing for me and everyone around me. I want a green yellow house with a poppy red door with grays and greens inside one minute, and a gray house with a royal purple door and vibrant colors inside the next. I want to make these decisions, but I have to be patient. Things are progressing so quickly. I am enjoying the process for now, even if sometimes it takes reminding!