Wednesday, December 9, 2009

one foot in front of the other

I am getting way ahead of myself. I'm already trolling the for sale section on Craigslist looking for potential furniture. And when we don't even have walls yet. It seems that I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. But... but... but....

These chairs are really great! I am really surprised over the spectacular condition. The lady who sold them to me said she bought them in 1983 and they have never really been a part of the actually furniture for sitting. They were more for looking at. But mauve velvet really isn't my style, even if they condition of them is fairly pristine.

So what shall I do with them? I am more of a crafty person than a truly inventive or creative one. I'm an idea stealer and combiner... there is an element of creativity to it, but I need that extra push of inspiration to do a project well, and I usually get that from other people's projects. I am obsessed with home decor blogs right now, being that my house is going through a major transformation (I promise, I'll post pictures soon).

I am a huge fan of Apartment Therapy and the whole AT community. I sent in a question about the chair, asking for opinions, and it was posted! Check it out here :) I got tons of great suggestions. I can't wait to start it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

well looky what we have here

Now I'm not professional, but I'm going to venture a guess... we need new plumbing. So now, besides the electrical and roof, the plumbing looks to be in desperate need of a tune up. This is something that the inspector told us we were going to need to do, but I didn't expect it to be so apparent. Oy! It's a little (read: lot) frightening, eh?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

she's a beaut!

Let me give you a little tour of the place that I will soon call home. The furniture is not ours and just about everything is going to change: the electrical, the plumbing, the roof, the floors, some of the walls, the entire kitchen, the backyard and front yard will get a facelift... it's extensive and overwhelming. But we must document the beginnings, yes?

The living room... beads did not come with the house :*(

The gnarly kitchen. Gnarly more in layout and smell (they were smokers).
Other half of the kitchen behind the funky wall dividing the room (more to come on this).
The wall/oven dividing the room.
The view from the back porch

My sweet bathroom.
Bedroom #1
The super awesome bedroom #2. Again, they didn't leave the bar - so sad!

This is the whole house plan (really tiny).

Proof positive this house is now taking up 90% of my free time! It's going to be a long road!