Friday, April 23, 2010


My sinkipoo!

The time has come, my little ones, to talk of other things. Namely, inspiration... make that kitchInspiration. Too cheesy for you? Not me.

We are ready to go with the kitchen. Dad is building cabinet frames, the floor is down, I bought a 30 inch, single basin, fireclay, apron front sink! I adore it and can't wait to do dishes in it... STRIKE THAT.... can't wait to watch Bran do dishes in it... STRIKE THAT... can't wait to watch Bran put the dishes in the dishwasher from my lovely sink.

But still, I don't know what I want to do with the cabinets, backsplash, hardware, etc. Many decisions to be made, and not terribly much time to make them in. I am picky. Very picky. Since we are on a super dooper incredibly tight budget, that makes it ever more difficult. In a kitchen, I'll go for function over form. However, aesthetically, I love or am inspired by elements of these kitchens:

Love the inky blue cabinets with the farmhouse sink. These are concrete counter tops. I'm not sure I'd brave no upper cabinetry, but it does make it feel very open.

Again with blueish cabinetry. I love the pop of teal and the farm sink! The owner of this kitchen mentioned that the backsplash was not installed. They went with white subway tiles.

How gorgeous is this kitchen (esp that last shot!)? I love the copper touches. I feel like this kitchen is just begging to have a redhead cook.

These two look similar, with the mini white tiles. I tend to like the first one a little bit more, but the jury is still out on these tiles. I feel like they will really date the kitchen (what, blue cabinets won't?)

Not totally my style, but I can appreciate it's classic beauty.

I like the mix of marble and wood here with the white subway tiles.

So that's it for now. Lots to think about!


Katie said...

Hello! Just wanted to give you a backsplash idea. At Lowes you can get Gloss White subway tile for CHEAP (and return however many pieces you don't use, even if the box is open...a huge plus for a frugal budget) and use a higher end tile as a band that stretches horizontally across the entire expanse. I used a mosaic marble tile (that sold for about $19/sq. ft) that was mounted on a paper backing. I cut each piece into long strips of tile, and used that as a band. I only needed 2 sq. ft. of the expensive tile to finish the job. When I cut it up, it amounted to more than 30 linear feet. Here's a link to a photo of the final product! (I used Laticrete sanded grout in Silver Shadow. It's still wet in this pic, it dried a little lighter.) Good luck with your project!

Cori said...

Thanks Katie! That is a fabulous idea. I am coming to realize that I do like white subway tiles in general... I like the focus to be on the countertops, cabinets and lighting fixtures.

Carole said...

Hey Cori! Love your blog! I have to say I also love the subway tiles (i love them in colors), farm sinks, and the blue cabinet choice. I also dig the "European" upper cabinetry. Your kitchen is going to rock!
As Brian & I still are home searching I am living vicariously through your renov.! It looks wonderful girl!

Oh btw, I have two blogs check them out when you can! :)
We post on here once a month.
a new one I'm trying out. :)