Monday, March 8, 2010

Dad is Great

My dad. Just to tell you, he literally worked until his fingers bled. Even though I insisted that he stop, he refused until all of the plastering was done. It took only 10 days and an awesome guy named Oscar (if you are looking for a wall boarding/plastering guy in the LA area who works his tail off and is very good at what he does, email me for his number), but my dad covered an entire house full of wallboard or just plain crooked walls. I wish I had better pictures of the project, but let these suffice for now...

We went from this kitchen window (can be seen here as well)...

How amazing does my kitchen window look!?!

Remember my dining room?

Check it out now!

How about the infamous 3 layers of wallpaper found after we took off the paneling?

Now a beautiful, stench free, blemish free wall!
The walls look absolutely fabulous. Dad and Oscar took the walls from scarred, slanted, and downright scary to ridiculously gorgeous in a little over a week. How is that for a quick turnaround?
Best plasterers ever

I could never thank him enough for everything that he's done for me and Brandon and this house (not to mention a zillion other things). I appreciate all of his help so much that it sounds cheesy and overemotional, but there are no words for how much I am grateful for having him as a general contractor and father. I love you, Dad. YOU ARE GREAT!

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