Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's ours!

**blink blink**

I CAN HAZ... HOME?! It has been an absolutely frantic, stressful and intense month, but we are emerging from it as homeowners! I picked up the keys after dark yesterday from the seller's agent and Bran and I drove immediately over to the house. That sweet, sweet husband of mine picked me up at the sidewalk and carried me across the threshold of our new home. We walked around from room to room (because of course, there is nowhere to sit down) trying to absorb the enormity of what we had just done (and I only mean enormity as in weightiness of the situation, the house itself is not even 1200 st. ft!). We held hands and took it all in until Brandon looked at me and asked "now what?"

Well, now comes the time to tackle the beast! She's not going to be an easy conquest. I'll be honest, I have a ton of help. My dad is a handyman, Brandon works closely with tools at work, we have wonderful family and friends, but the house is in such a condition, from top to bottom, that everything will need to be touched by our loving hands. We are dealing with leaky pipes, a non functional kitchen, smoke smells, popcorn ceilings, dirty carpet, disintegrating roof ... and so much more. I think we're in for an adventure!

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